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My aspirants

These people have played a crucial role in the person I am today. Let me introduce them and how the pushed me to get better.

Dorcena Kichemy

dorcena kichemyKichemy and I both attended the same primary and secondary school (College Dominique Savio - CODOSA). He is presently attending Berea College, where he is pursuing a dual-degree program. Every student will agree that he has an out-of-this-world entrepreneurial mindset. If there is a need, Kichemy sells it the next day. He even fabricated the necessities at times. His abilities expanded to the point that he won various entrepreneurial competitions, including ATHENA (2nd), DIAMOND CHALLENGE, and EMO-HAITI (in which I was his teammate).

Previously, I had little interest in this form of competition. However, he exposed me to this world, and I am now prepared to compete in any Entrepreneurial competition. I began with a Exposcience (finalist) and my most recent one is a Hultprize (4th). I am grateful to him for introducing me to this world. Click here if want to get more knowledge about my last competition experiences.

Furthermore, being an introvert, I had never consented to the concept of publicizing my accomplishments. Because I don't want to brag, the less attention I had on myself, the better I felt. However, Kichemy made me realize that publicizing your accomplishments isn't the same as bragging. Instead, you encourage others to do the same and draw influential individuals to you. He was accurate. Since I began sharing my accomplishments, I've had multiple messages from individuals expressing their appreciation for what I'm doing, encouraging me to keep going, and inviting me to join them in a project they're working on.
I will not say that I always feel comfortable sharing my achievements but at least I know what I will gain from it : Networking.

Thus, if you want to grow your network, you are now aware of what to do. If you have no achievement, go participating in competitions (not necessary entrepreneurial, it can be debate, robotic or any subject you are very fond of) or build your own project. GET OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE.