About me

Greetings, and welcome to my corner of the digital universe! From Haiti, I'm an enthusiastic aspiring computer scientist with a creative twist. Through countless lines of code, I've discovered my passion for crafting elegant solutions to complex problems. My journey began with a fascination for algorithms and evolved into an obsession with web developpement and data science. With a fervor for innovation and a toolbox brimming with languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and SQL, I thrive on transforming imaginative concepts into functional reality. However, my skills go beyond coding; I've also honed my leadership skills through entrepreneurship and in project management. This portfolio is a testament to my commitment to innovation through code and effective leadership.
Skills: Algorithmic Thinking, Web Application Design, Creative Coding, Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Project Management.

Contact me

I am the appropriate fit for you if you need a website for your small or medium-sized business, a database manager or data scientist, or simply an advisor or member for a project that may stand out. My abilities will be available to you at a reasonable cost. You can, however, get my assistance for free if you need project advice, are participating in an entrepreneurial competition, or want me to join your team on a project. Here are a few methods to get in touch with me:


Standpoint and Experience

I've seen many kids struggle with finding extracurricular activities during their senior year. As a result, I advise you young scholars to begin early in order to avoid going insane in your last year. My purpose is not to teach you about extracurricular activities you can participate in; rather, I will highlight some of the things I participated in from high school through my gap year. Perhaps you will find yourself in some of them. As you can see, I didn't discuss broad truths here; I discussed my point of view, and I am confident that you will find it as interesting as people in my community who I've influenced.

Finally, in the future, I intend to offer other intelligent introverts a chance to be heard. They will have their own spaces to share their ideas. If you're a brilliant introvert who wants to offer your thoughts on a certain topic, contact me. Don't be frightened to show the world your brilliant mind. This is your chance; don't blow it.

Aspirer and Mantra

I'm still a work in progress. From my initial failure to now, I've grown and matured. Behind this progress, there are several persons that inspired me to improve myself. I wanted to introduce them to you all, and at the same time share what I've learned from them. Again, I am confident that some might help you. Meet my aspirants.

On the other side, everyone who knows me would tell you that I am a hard worker who is constantly motivated to achieve his objectives. However, most of the time, discipline rather than motivation keeps me going. In the mantras area, you'll discover several mantras that I constantly remind myself when I'm feeling down and need encouragement. Get inspired!

Some comments on me

While it is critical to present my talents and strengths, it is equally critical to understand how others perceive me. For either good or bad comments, I chose to show you how my surroundings perceive me.