johndy with a finger on his skull

My standpoints

I was an entirely introvert at school. I was the one whose name was more well-known than the person. I've been to several gatherings where my Standpoint may have been useful, but because I seldom spoke, I kept them all for myself. However, I recognized that my A+ or 9/10 will not provide me with a promising career. It became evident after my rejection from a UWC scholarship application.
I was very sure of myself. I assumed that my A+ would secure me the scholarship, but I quickly understood that strong grades are necessary but insufficient. My first rejection was devastating. Following this failure, I resolved to pursue myself above and beyond my academics. My primary goal used to be to get high marks. Now I discover that I am much more than just a A+.
Since the end of my tenth grade, I've been voicing my opinions, giving advice, taking on leadership roles, competing, and so on. I realized how much value I could bring to my community. This is why I pledge I will no longer keep my opinions and recommendations to myself. In the stanpoint section, I discuss how I view depression, loneliness, and son and also how to overcome them now that I've experienced them. As an introvert, my voice will finally be heard, and I hope that my points of view on some important subject will be helpful to numerous individuals.

Finally, in the future, I intend to offer other intelligent introverts a chance to be heard. They will have their own area. If you're a brilliant introvert who wants to offer your thoughts on a certain topic, contact me. Don't be frightened to show the world your brilliant mind. This is your chance; don't blow it.