How to act like an extrovert as an introvert (according to Johndy Lens Philistin)

an introvered guy

As an introvert, having interactions with people or having a fulfilled social life can be a bit hard. Also, as an introvert, we all wanted to be at ease in party, in front of an audience or to be great at making connections to people. Sometimes, we look at the extroverts and see how comfortable they are in public that sometimes we can envy them.

I've even met some introverts that wanted to become extroverted. I will not advice that to anyone. This can hurt your feelings. If you are here because you want to be extroverted, unfortunately this article isn’t for you. However, if you want to act like an extrovert, you’re at the right place.

For my case, I am a real introvert. Despite that, I have been the leader of many groups (including my school student council), taken a lot of speech in public, and made numerous important connections. How did I overcame my introverted side ? I will explain it to you in some advices. As usual, I want to remind that it’s based on my own experiences (so, it’s not scientifically proven that it will work you too). Here they are :

  1. Accept you are an introvert

    This is the most underestimated part of the journey. Before even feeling comfortable in an extroverted body, you have to first accept your nature. You are an introvert and this is your strength. Accept it, own it and love yourself. Then, keep in mind that feeling like an extrovert will always be temporary.

    Some day, I woke up and I am the most extroverted person in the area. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it takes me so much energy that I just want to be by myself. It’s exhausting.

  2. Start smoothly

    So many make the mistake of trying to do great thing by starting. Trying to speak in front of a large audience won’t make you extroverted out of blue if you are not accustomed to. At the end, you will just feel embarrassed and swear that you will never do that again.

    Instead, start by approaching an unknown person at the park, a random student in your college/university, a random co-worker in your office. Try yo have a significant conversation and make it last the longer possible. Express your idea in front of 1,2,5 up to 10 people before trying in front of a crowd. Don’t be in a rush. Improvement takes time.

  3. Practice

    This is the most obvious one. While you start slowly, you have to keep practicing. You would be surprised if I tell you that when I stop speaking in front of an audience for too long, the next time I do so, I will not feel as comfortable as I used to. Moreover, even when I stop making connections for a while, it’s not the same when I start over. I don’t feel as comfortable as before.

    Thus, it’s plain to see that I reached this level trough practicing and If I stop, I lose progress. Start slow and practice, every time you feel comfortable in a stage, try harder things.
    Warning : don’t go from 1 to 10. The fact that you are making progress must not blurry your vision and make you think you are capable of anything. Instead chose a harder reachable steps.

Always remember this is a step by step process. I am not extrovert and I will never be. Some people identify me as a distant person. Maybe they are right. However, when it comes to a situation that I must be extroverted, I can switch easily. This is the result of practicing.

On the other hand, being an introvert isn’t a disease or something to get rid of. It’s part of us. It’s our superpower. In some situations, we are just cold because we have no interest in the person or thing that is in front of us. I advice you all to read “Quiet The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking” by Susan Cain and you will discover your power as an introvert. Get out of your comfort zone and get a plan.