My second internship, the internship that made me

intern guy

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How to know yourself better (according to Johndy Lens Philistin)

By growing up, we all were in a stage where we tried to figure out our trait of personality, who we really are, and the most important one what value do we add in our community. Some discover it early in life (since childhood or teenage), some perceive it later (after 30,40, and even older) while there is a group of individuals who never catches it

It’s not a matter of time, We all follow our own lane and timezone. It’s never too late or too early. However, although engaging in new experiences doesn’t guarantee at 100% that you will know your value, if you don’t, you will likely end up not knowing it. For my case, I knew my passion before this internship, nevertheless it taught me what value I do add in my community.

If you are struggling to see your strengths, values or your personality, this article might help you. As usual, I remind that it’s based on my own experiences (so, it’s not scientifically proven that it will work for you) and you must try to explore some alternate actions in the same context. Here’s what I did to discover more about myself :

  1. Making the leap in an area you don’t know a lot about

    One effective way to challenge yourself is to try to cope with a new topic. See how long you take to acquire the necessary knowledge and adapt yourself. Sometimes, it even turns out that you had a hidden passion for this area.

    For my case, I made the leap in a library. It started as a vvolunteering and ended up as a paid internship (See my work experiences for further details). Honestly, learning all these things about librarianship, Dewey decimal classification and even more weren’t a walk in the park. Nonetheless, I got out of it alive and more confident.

  2. Trying to integrate what you love in what you don’t know a lot about

    It’s not a secret for anyone that I am passionate about computer science. I try to integrate it anywhere I go, even in the unlikely situations. By doing so, you will realize if you really love this thing you think you are passionate about and even if you are skilled at it. While acquiring new experiences is great, acquiring new ones in your favorite subject is priceless.

    Thus, I tried to incorporate my computer science skills in the library and now, this library is completely digitized. Here’s what I did :

    • I registered all the books on KOHA (an online Library system)

      Before my incoming, if you wanted a book in the library, you had to come to see if the book is available and after you borrow it. Then, the interns register your name and information related to this book. After my coming, all the book were registered on KOHA. The library members can now check the availability of a book and make a request to borrow it online. Then, the interns will just approve or discard the request. As a result, it’s easier to manage all borrows now and there is no risk to lose the datas because they are saved in the cloud (no longer in a sheet of paper). Managing the datas of 4000+ books was exhausting but I was led by passion.

    • I created a platform for the other interns

      I was determined to delete all sheets of paper in the library. I saw that the interns register every visits in a notebook and at the end of the month, they have to count the monthly visit numbers. Hence, I created a platform where they can register the visits online and make the monthly report easier. I wasn’t asked to do that, however I wanted to incorporate my skills in what I didn’t know a lot about. Effectively, I used my HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP and a bit of my SQL skills. If you want to see the source code of the platform, reach it on github.

    I entered as a librarian and I left as a better coder. It’s insane, isn’t?

    According to what you want to integrate, I don’t guarantee that it will be easy. You might even not find an appropriate way to incorporate it. Nevertheless, with a bit of creativity, I am sure you will thrive.

  3. Helping other to solve their issues

    Most of the time, people neglect how useful this part is in knowing yourself. Everybody has different problems concerning different subjects and involving different approaches to solve them. By helping people solving their issues, you will face a bunch of new challenges that might unhide your passion for something. However, I am not telling you to go insane and solve everybody’s problems. Know your priorities and the people who really deserve your help.

In a nutshell, trying new things is a strong manner to know yourself better. The more challenge you have in your life, the likely you will learn new things about you. Accept the challenges and challenge your limitations. Get a plan