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My work experiences and formations

Aside from my grades, I was a very active student. Even after school, I keep being active trough internships and volunteers. It's important to have good grades but it's very crucial to have extracurricular experiences. Internship and extracurriculars are the materialization of what you learn at school. In some case, you even learn things that won't be taught inside a school. Furthermore, You additionally acquire communication skills, teamwork abilities, and even creativity skills via them. They are an accurate way to explore life and get to know yourself deeper.

WARNING : I am not advising you to go insane and attend as many activities as possible. You have to pick out your favorite subjects. If you are unsure about your preference try to pick out one at a time class="display-6". I hadn't known that I was passionate about computer science until I participated in a competition that ask me to have some computer skills : EMO-HAITI (1st). My competitions experiences aren't displayed in this page. Click on the link to see them.

Finally here are my works experiences and formations. Maybe you will find some that appeal you and you'd like to reproduce.
IMPORTANT : Sometimes, if you don't find a good fit for you, you can also create one. Follow the "Jeni Anliy" links below for better understanding.

Work experiences

logo of smartworker corporation


Smartworker Corporatian
  • Create websites
  • Teach HTML and CSS every December
  • Organized « Jeni Anliy 2021 » and « Jeni Anliy 2022 »
  • Plan and organize team meetings
  • Manage financial datas
  • Seek for sponsors
  • Do meeting and activities reports
  • Prepare the yearly performance rate
logo of BIBex

Head of the marketing team

  • Promote the BIBex app
  • Organize the other 2 marketers tasks
  • Look for past exams to upload on the app
  • Provide suggestions to improve the user experience
logo of Edlight

Team leader

Edlight summer leadership program
  • Teach to 4 students how to present an idea/project
  • Guide the team on their project selection process
  • Assess the project chosen
  • Teach to the team how to pitch their idea
  • Schedule meetings with the team
logo of HELP


Library of HELP
  • Register 1200+ books on KOHA
  • Teach to the other 2 interns and 10+ aspiring interns how to use KOHA
  • Prepare a formation for 20+ members of the library on how to use KOHA
  • Borrow and receive borrowed books
  • Manage the datas of all the books
  • Create a website in order to automate the librarians tasks
logo of HELP


Operations department of HELP
  • Create models for HELP's assets
  • Register the models on the bazla-inventory system
  • Take the picture of each different model
  • Insert notes and picture inside the models while registering
  • Scan the tag on every asset (inventory)
  • Manage the datas of all assets
logo of HELP


Library of HELP
  • Register 1529 books on KOHA
  • Catalog 200+ books (Dewey classification)

English tutor

  • Prepare the yearly syllabus for my tutee
  • Teach the basics of English
  • Assess my tutee progress


Student council of CODOSA
  • Receive students’ concerns
  • Propose extracurricular activities
  • Plan the budget for every activity
  • Supervise every event
  • Organize events
logo of Hector foundation


PAYS | Hector foundation
  • Teach to 5+ PAYSers how to present the final assignment
  • Review the final assignment of 5+ PAYSers
  • Schedule meetings to discuss about the final assignment

Head coach

Robotics and programming club of CODOSA
  • Prepare the selection process
  • Select the best candidate
  • Plan each day goals
  • Set training schedule
  • Propose creative solutions for the robot's path
  • Manage the 10+ members

Event manager

Entrepreneurship club of CODOSA
  • Check the readiness of every material
  • Propose ideas
  • Do report and turn back all materials after events


Le wagon

Data science bootcamp
  • Data science (Python, SQL, BigQuery, Data sourcing, Excel, Power Bi, Google locker studio, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
  • Math for data science (Linear algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Propabilities, Scipy, Seaborn, Statsmodels)
  • Decision Science (statistical Inference, Linear and logistic regressions)


web developement bootcamp
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript vanilla

College Dominique Savio - CODOSA

High school diploma
  • Mathematics and Physics science (SMP)